Solutions to Overcome Failure of Sensitive Equipments Due to Harmonics in an Auto Components Manufacturing Industry


Power quality is of major concern to most of the industries, especially those operating with critical electronic controller oriented machinery and equipments. Poor quality of power leads to major problems like unexplained breakdowns, production interruptions, excess energy consumption etc. Some of the common power quality problems being faced by industries are fluctuations in supply voltage, frequency, power interruptions; voltage sags, swells and harmonics etc.

Out of the above power quality issues, the major unforeseen problems are created by presence of harmonics in the system. This case study in an industry manufacturing fuel injection systems for automobiles shows how a user industry should go about identifying the issues of PQ and take measure towards preventive solutions. This document gives details of findings recommendations, and the way forward.

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Author: Tarak Ghennam, Mohamed Darwish