Severe Voltage Harmonics Distortion in Distribution System

This case study depicts a utility distribution system which was installed decades back to cater to the need of a village. The village grew up with industrialization and became a hub of textile industries. Within a radius of few kilometres, number of textile spinning mills came and started their operations. The entire residents of town is now either owning or working for spinning mill.

80-90% load at spinning mill is non linear that generates harmonics. Generation of harmonics through all spinning millscollectivelyis distorting voltage waveform and creates high voltage harmonic distortion in the utility distribution system.
If the entire grid’s voltage is distorted, then other loads, even if they are linear will be fed through a distorted voltage waveform that will have an impact on operation of such loads. Not only industrial consumers, but domestic consumers will also be affected through such heavy voltagedistortion.

This case study also suggests solution that could be implemented for mitigating harmonics and reducing voltage harmonics along with current harmonics in the distribution system.

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