Reliability of Electrical Distribution System in Buildings


Electrical systems in high rising office building play an important role in day to day to functionality because of application of various electrical utilities like lighting, air conditioning, water pumping, office equipment (computers, printers, faxes, and xerox machines), lifts etc. Reliable and quality power supply is a pre-dominant factor ensuring proper functioning of equipments and reducing energy consumption. However, many building management professionals face frequent problems in the electrical distribution system because of poor design of the system, improper sizing of equipments and cable quality, improper switch gear & protection system and overloading. The problem becomes worse with addition of load every year, thereby putting severe stress on the electrical system. Hence reliability of electrical distribution system is a critical issue which needs to be addressed properly.

This paper describes a real life case situation of improving the reliability of electrical distribution in a research institute located in a major metro city ofIndia.

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Country: A Tyre Manufacturing Company in India