Reactive Power Related Issues and Capacitors Failure in an Urban Call Centre


A call centre in a metro city was faced with problems of unreliable operation due to higher degree of harmonic amplification with the existing APFC Capacitors, which caused its frequent failures. The standard, unchoked capacitors in the APFC System offered very low impedance to harmonic currents thus acting as sink for higher frequency components. Hence, considering the amplification characteristics of the existing Capacitors and the basic nature of loads like UPS, Air conditioners and Lighting Systems in the network, it was necessary to find a suitable solution to the issue. After a detailed study and analysis of the key parameters, a solution of a Reactive Power Compensation with Harmonic Blocking filters to prevent any failure of capacitors, was recommended. However the solution was not implemented due to the perceived ‘high cost’ and the problems used to affect the system operation only occasionally by the center.

Additional Info

  • Author: T.S.KANTHI Technical Director
  • Country: BARON Power Ltd. India