PQ At a Large Induction Furnace Industry – Issues on Current Harmonics & Regulations

A large Industry involved in the melting of iron for making castings and machining them uses the Induction furnaces as well as other equipment. The industry desired the Institute to undertake power and energy audit studies of their plant during 2010-11 period. The 110KV grid power supply to this industry is through 2 numbers of 12.5 MVA transformers feeding nearly 10MVA loading of Induction furnaces with medium frequency inverter, a non – linear load producing high level of harmonic currents. This PQ study report highlights , as part of power and energy audit report, the major findings, interpretations as well as comparison of the IEEE 519-1992 standard with the CEA regulations (adopted by power utility for such type of industry loads) for limiting the harmonic distortions introduced.

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