Mitigation of Power Quality Issues (Transients & Neutral to Ground Voltage) Using Ultra Isolation Transformer

An engineering company in western India opted to address power quality issues in the green field project. For a heavy engineering company engaged in manufacturing of turbine power quality becomes very important as the raw material is very costly. Apart from using costly raw material the process is very critical and time consuming. In critical engineering processes where quality and reliability is very important, any breakdown during the process could result in huge losses. The losses could be in terms of wastage in raw material, time and energy spent during the process.

The facility uses sophisticated CNC machines those can tolerate a maximum of 200mV to 300mV neutral to ground voltage. The machine gives alarm or do not work if neutral to ground voltage increases beyond this value. Absence of transients or noise in electrical supply is other critical need for CNC machine for its operation.
The industry opted to use ultra-isolation transformer in the green field project to address following power quality issues.

1. Transients
2. Neutral to ground voltage
3. Minimum neutral current
4. Harmonics

A measurement based study was carried out to find benefits associated with the ultra-isolation transformer.

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