Mitigating Harmonics in MV (6.6kV) System

This case study presents the study and solution of harmonic present in the 33KV heavy engineering industry & passive harmonics filter used in electrical system as a solution. Presence of harmonics on MV/HT side of the feeder can affect all load connected across LV side. Presence of harmonics on HT side will distort voltage waveform on LT side which can have adverse effect on critical and non critical loads present downstream of the network.

Through this case study the L&T MHPS Turbine Generators Pvt. Ltd came to know about the harmonics & their significant effect on the system regarding the harmonics distortion caused by non- linear load. This case study also highlights causes of resonance in the system due to harmonics. The basic objective of this case study is to showcase available harmonic solution in medium voltage network. The adopted solution (Passive Harmonic Filters) with right kind of application engineering approach is very much effective in reduction of harmonics & distortion in voltage caused by non-linear load. The case study also brings out the financial implication that the plant faced due to presence of harmonics in the system. It underscores the often misunderstood saying “PQ issues are often a challenge causing economic loss and not only technical challenge to be solved”.

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