Reduction in kVAh Billing through Harmonic Mitigation

Conventional engineering terminology, which were as per linear load scenario are changing now with more non-linear loads being used by electricity consumers. This power system, where loads are dominated by non-linear loads, presence of harmonics generally will be considerable. Under such environment, a conventional power triangle will not give correct apparent power as there will be presence of other harmonic current and voltage in the system that will add to the apparent power.

There are utilities who are billing to their consumers on kVAh basis instead of kWh basis. The customer must keep in mind that if utility is billing on kVAh basis, he is essentially charging for poor power factor often impacted by presence of heavy reactive load as well as non-linear loads causing severe harmonic distortion. So, addressing reactive load demand by reactive compensation in linaer load environment or harmonic filtering in non-linear load environment are the best ways to reduce your energy bill whether charged on two-part basis including power factor penalty or single part kVAh basis.

pManifold, National Support Network (NSN) partner of APQI recently interviewed Mr. J. Srinivasan, Director, Propel Ensol Pvt. Ltd, India an industry expert, to understand his uptake on ‘Reduction in kVAh Billing through Harmonic Mitigation’. (The views here are personal, and not to be associated with any company in any forms.)