To ensure good Power Quality you need to give your transformer a good environment in order to have efficient operations and getting the best out of the ... Read More
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When we talk about power quality, in today’s digital world, quality of electrical power is very important and deviation from it can impact both output or final productivity in negative way. In providing good quality power, ... Read More
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Today energy efficiency is a top priority, boosted by a major concern with climatic changes and by the soaring oil prices in countries that have a large dependency on imported fossil fuels. Intending an improvement of ... Read More
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APQI is proud to be associated with second edition of CII National Energy Circle Competition. The objective is to recognise best practices on energy efficiency and power quality through a trophy. The competition was initiated with a perspective to encourage the industry ... Read More
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Uninterruptible Power Supply or commonly known as UPS, thought to be designed for emergency power supply, is a very common device in India. However, along with emergency power supply, it is also now used to correct other power quality problems. An UPS can ... Read More
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With advancement in technologies, automobile and engineering sector has seen numerous changes in manufacturing technologies in last couple of decades. One of the key change is the type and use of welding machines. Welding process, which was earlier a time consuming and manual ... Read More
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INTRODUCTION For long time the main concern of consumers of electricity was the continuity of the supply, i.e. the reliability. Nowadays, with the increased usage of power electronic devices consumer not only demand ... Read More
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Power quality is important when market liberalization focuses on electricity price and regulators are focused only on energy efficiency. Lack of ... Read More
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In today’s digital driven world, current in a neutral conductor is one of common problem faced by the electrical engineers in most of the commercial buildings, hospitals, IT/ITeS sector. In present load scenario of switch mode power supply (SMPS), even though loads are ... Read More
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With the increasing focus on energy efficiency, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) usage have increased rapidly in last few years. VFD penetration in the industrial domain has shot up for attaining energy efficiency, process optimization or control over process parameters. VFD’s are becoming an ... Read More
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