Power Quality Overview – Practical Aspects

Power quality has gained increased importance in power industry in the last two decades. The proliferation of sensitive electronic devices and sophisticated automation equipment in ICE (Information, Communication & Entertainment) driven modern economy calls for a “Good Quality Power Supply”. The question which immediately comes to our mind is what we mean by “Quality Power Supply”? From a utility point of view it may be defined as reliable and continuous power supply. From a user perspective quality power may be defined as uninterrupted power supply at specified voltage and frequency with minimum distortion from sinusoidal waveform that will ensure proper functioning of his equipment. Users are now more informed of power quality issues as the failure of highly sensitive process control / electronic devices has severe
consequences in terms of time and cost. However an utility is a part of large integrated power system spread geographically over vast area and user has to be aware what the utilities can deliver practically considering external disturbances (mostly weather related) and internal failures(equipment forced outages). In brief, utility can’t supply GWs of UPS quality of power and the user must factor this into account when he designs his internal system.

Author: Dr Rajamani – APQI NSN Partner ; Article Published in special PQ issue in IEEMA Journal, May 2016. 

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