Power Quality in the IT. ITES. Data Center

Availability of reliable electrical power with good quality is one of the governing aspects of productivity for any sector of industry. Quality of power depends not only on supplier but also user of electrical power who due to non-linear load and improper operation can deter the grid power quality. Distrubances generated from user end will not only affect the grid but also the user who is generating these distrubances.

IT/ITES is one of the major sectors that are affected due to various aspects of poor power quality. There are substantial financial implications associated with poor power quality in terms of loss in productivity due to breakdowns, premature aging of the equipment and failure of equipment, higher energy charges and above all risk of fire. The issues could be due to type of non-linear load used in the sector and/or from outside the boundary i.e. other users or utility. Various aspects of power quality that affects IT/ITeS sector are transients, voltage related issues and harmonics. In order to address issues arising due to poor power quality proper understanding of power quality is very important. An important aspect of addressing PQ issues is to be aware of such phenomenon, their nature and implications. Measuring is managing as the adage goes.

This guide on dealing with power quality problems will briefly explain the symptoms, causes, effects and solutions for mitigation. The publication explains various power quality issues present in the IT sector and mitigation techniques available during design stage and in an existing facility. If the solutions are adopted at the design stage with marginal incremental capital cost can reduce substaintial investment and operating cost during the life of the facility.

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